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Spring is coming..I think

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Truly Scrumptious

Truly Scrumptious

We here at Ruby Ranch, human and pig alike, are awaiting spring anxiously. The babies, especially, I think. Doc, Truly, Stormy and Wuzzle are so bored. I can’t wait for the barn to thaw out sufficiently, so we can give it a good cleaning. We’ve had the bigpigs and Wuzzle out a few times, but not for very long. Their feet, noses and underbellies turn quite an alarming shade of pink when they’ve been out for very long.

Every once in a while, Wuzzle will wait for the man-door of the barn to open, and leap out, running down the path full-tilt, spinning and barking happily. Well, he doesn’t so much leap, as throw his upper body over the raised threshold, and grunt and strain to get his back end over. He’s definitely put on a few pounds this winter!

He was sick for a few days, but a day in the house and TLC seemed to put all that right. I think it was some kind of virus, because shortly after Wuzzle felt better, Beau came down with the same symptoms. Just like Wuzzle, Beau’s malady lasted about 2 days. Strange. None of the bigpigs appeared to be affected.

Baby Truly was spayed 4 days ago. She went to a wonderful vet, one recommended by a friend who also rescues pigs. I can’t say enough about Dr. Halbert. She is compassionate, with a very calm and soothing manner. She let us stay with Truly even after she was out, lying on the table being shaved. I got a little panicky after she had her second shot of sedative, when she was fighting it so hard, and trying to get up. The vet quickly calmed my fears. The incision is undetectable, I’ve never seen such a nice sewing job. Truly will definitely be able to wear her bikini this summer! Dr. Halbert even called Sunday evening at 8:15 to see how Truly was doing. Truly has been inside the house since the surgery, and I love having her here. She is so cuddly, and wants to be wherever we are. I think she’ll have to go back out to the garage soon, though, her “brothers” Stormy and Doc miss her, and L.J hates her. It’s really hard rotating through three groups of pigs being in the living room. Ruby and Bart come out while Stannie and L.J are in one bedroom, Truly in another, then Stannie and L.J come out, then Truly comes out. Musical pigs. Truly is not used to being alone, she’s been Stormy’s constant companion since she arrived. She’s so darn adorable.

Willa and Bob are really developing an amazing bond. Each evening after feeding, Bob will lie in the hay in the bigpigs pen. Willa will come over, sniff him all over, and then push her way in behind him and lie down, right up against him.  She’ll lay there, happily getting her belly rubbed, until it’s time for us to go. It’s really something to see, great big Willa, dwarfing Bob. I told Bob his head looks like a grape next to Willa’s. Willa and Harry are like giant puppy dogs.

We are off to put the latest delivery of hay and straw into the barn, the pigs will be so happy.


Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Christmas Feast!

Christmas Feast!

Welcome to the Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary blog! Not a lot happening at the sanctuary in the frozen winter. The pigs prefer not to be out in the snow, and I can’t say I blame them. On sunny days, the bigpigs will go out for a few minutes, but only if we go with them.

They all had a nice Christmas, with a special feast of popcorn, carrots, spinach, lettuce, apples, canteloupe, sweet potatoes, pears, and gingerbread man cookies.

Winter is a time of catching up on sleep for the pigs here. We all dream of spring, and can’t wait for it’s arrival. For the humans, it’s a dreary time of longer commutes due to the weather, leaving before the sun comes up and getting home after sunset. The morning feed is a hurried affair, but the evening feed is more leisurely, and we get to spend some time with the pigs, dodging the serial rooter, Doc, watching Wuzzle and Penny the dog play and lick all the bigpig bowls, sitting in the hay with Harry, Willa, Rosie and Delilah, and watching Georgie and Ted savour a second bowl of warm water and grape juice, and laughing at the antics of the wee babies, Stormy and Truly.

The 4 house pigs don’t care for the cold at all. Ruby and Bart are strictly litterbox babies in winter, while Stannie and L.J will brave the subzero temperatures for a few minutes to do their business outside, but only if one of us goes with them. Mostly they sleep, with a keen ear out for the tell-tale sounds of someone entering the kitchen. Kitchen=food in their minds.  L.J likes to curl up beside me on the loveseat as I type on the computer, and Ruby lays with her Dad on the couch, letting him know if she feels he is taking up more than his fair share. Bart likes to lay on his blankies, and Stan is usually in the bedroom, burrowed into his blankies, and whatever clothing, newspaper or bags that he can find he incorporates into his “nest.”

We are all more than ready for spring!